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For more than four decades, AEC has been the plastics auxiliaries' industry leader, providing the world's broadcast line of integrated auxiliary equipment and systems designed to meet your unique applications. Our global network of sales, service and parts support demonstrates the depth of our customer commitment. You can depend on these AEC operating units for advanced auxiliary equipment and systems that are simple to obtain, install, operate and maintain:

  • AEC/Material Handling
  • AEC/Blend & Reclaim
  • AEC/Heat & Cool                                                     
  • AEC/Granulate
  • AEC/Systems Contracting

AEC Whitlock is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of resin conveying, drying and blending equipment and systems. From bulk storage products (silos, bins, tilters) and simple beside the press loading to sophisticated central conveying and drying systems, we have equipment that has been designed to work together to give you efficient, reliable operation, wherever your facility is located. Our equipment features intuitive controls with options that facilitate equipment networking process data collection. Modular designs allow you flexibility as your processes grow and change.

AEC provides a wide range of blending and feeding system for metering resin and other plastics processing additives into extruders, injection molding machines and other process equipment. Choice of batch weigh blenders, gravimetric loss-in-weight continuous blenders, single and multi-component volumetric additive feeders and weigh hoppers allow us to recommend the best blending technology for your process. AEC also provides extrusion scrap reclaim systems and co extrusion control systems. Let us show you how you can speed line start-up, shut-down and increase yield with our systems.

AEC provides a wide range of chilling, temperature control (heat/cool), reservoir pump tank equipment and systems for plastics and other processors. Whether you need chillers, pump tanks or TCUs, let us recommend the type of cooling or temperature control equipment that matches your application and your potential future production needs. We can evaluate your expected system loads and load characteristics, energy and climate related issues as well as incorporating new equipment with chillers and process heating equipment you already own.    


AEC Nelmor provides a wide range of size reduction/granulation equipment and systems. Beside-the-press, below-the-press and central granulators along with single-stage shredders or dual-stage shredder granulators are available in a variety of sizes and power/capacity/throughput ranges. Integrated regrind evacuation systems are also available.aec

The AEC Systems Group is driven to supply our customers with a wide selection of products ranging from economical cost effective solutions to high end sophisticated custom systems.

We have grown to the global leadership position by being the single source for all our customers' needs including our full line of equipment, 24 hour parts and service, and the ability to custom engineer unique and reliable solutions for our customers. Our single source approach allows us to accept full responsibility for each customer's project before during and after the sale is complete.

We, at AEC pride our self on the fact that we engineer and manufacture our own product throughout all of our divisions. The combination of over 40 years of success as a complete integrated auxiliary supplier and industry leading controls technology have made AEC the world leader in the auxiliary market place.

Our team based approach will build your plant from the ground up. Our system design, project management, and installation services provide all the help you need to put together a state-of-the-art facility with years of trouble free operation.

AEC Systems Group's engineers will provide seamless integration with your operation and provides each customer the confidence that they have a single source of responsibility from conception to final acceptance.


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