September 14, 2022

AEC: Central Chillers, Gravimetric Batch Blenders, Film Reclaim, Thermoforming Granulators

AEC offers a broad portfolio of high quality auxiliary equipment including; packaged and central chillers, temperature control units, material blending and conveying equipment as well as large and small part granulators, serving a wide range of process industries. Give us a call for more information on AEC’s quality products - (866) 467-0708.

AEC’s Film Reclaim Systems consist of fluff feed hoppers, fluff tanks, fluff blowers, film grinders, and trim conveying systems. Scrap recycling offers significant cost savings by maximizing reclaimed material with scrap restored to its original feedstock value. No additional heat history is added to the material, and there is less risk of contamination.
AEC features a variety of granulators and feedrolls that are designed to process a wide variety of material. Expertly designed infeed systems ensure smooth processing of materials from startup through full-speed operation. Our thermoforming systems are engineered to handle a multitude of materials and throughput requirements.
The High Efficiency Central Chillers are remarkably energy efficient and can save processors up to 60% in electrical costs. The system continuously measures ambient and process conditions and will adjust to operate in the most efficient manner. Designed with electrical, mechanical and control redundancy, along with predictive analysis, downtime is virtually eliminated.

AEC gravimetric batch blenders deliver consistent performance and superior batch control. Select from the precision auger blender (100-3,000 lbs./hr. maximum blending rate) or the batch weigh blender (200-6,000 lbs./hr. maximum blending rate) depending on your application requirements. Color touch screens come standard on AEC gravimetric batch blenders with electrical options that include remote communications. AEC gravimetric blending systems supports your injection molding, extrusion or blow molding operations with precision material metering and mixing to maximize machine efficiency.