May 12, 2022

Featuring Gammaflux's G24 Hot Runner Controller

Featuring Gammaflux's G24 Hot Runner Controller | This product is not only easier to use with the new Mold Wizard, Mold Doctor®, but also includes early material/plastic leak detection and increased standardization. Call us today to learn more! Let us help you with all your hot runner controller needs. (866) 467-0708

Gammaflux, the world leader in temperature and sequential valve gate controllers, introduces the next generation in temperature control: the G24. Focused on the plastics industry, Gammaflux is an expert in process optimization. The G24 is everything you would expect in a next generation control system from Gammaflux.
-Easier to Use
-Less Expensive
-More Flexible/Standardization
-Improved InterlocksQ Mold Doctor®
-Early Material/Plastic Leak Detection
-5 Year Warranty*

Triangulated Control Technology®

All Gammaflux temperature controllers feature Triangulated ControlTechnology®. Using this unique technology, our controllers:

Sense – Twenty (20) times per second, Gammaflux controllers precisely measure the temperature.
Control – The proprietary self-optimizing Gammaflux PID2 control algorithm adjusts if the actual temperature deviates 0.03ºF (0.014ºC)from set point. The second derivative (PID2) monitors the actual temperature rate of change. As a result, the output to the heater is regulated in advance of the typical proportional band to limit or eliminate over and undershoot.
Actuate – Using phase angle fired output (0.1% resolution;1000 steps), the Gammaflux controller delivers smooth and exact power to each heater for the ultimate in temperature control. Triangulating your process with a Gammaflux controller means achieving better temperature control, which could result in:
- Enhanced part quality
- Reduced scrap
- Improved part weight consistency
- Material savings
- Higher profit margins