January 12, 2023

Micro Molding with Nissei

Nissei America, Inc.’s 2-stage type high-precision injection unit has 0.1 g per shot capabilities for improved shot to shot consistency. Call us at 866-467-0708 to learn why Nissei’s quality is unparalleled in today’s industry.

Learn more from the Plastic News article about this esteemed machine:

NISSEI injection molding machines have been one of the most widely used workhorses for medical molders around the globe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the US, there is a strong ongoing need for “micro molding” machines among the medical equipment and electronic parts industries. Prior to the pandemic, NISSEI’s sales percentages to medical molders were 17% in 2018 and 15% in 2019. During the pandemic, the percentages have significantly increased to 39% in 2020 and 31% in 2021.

Under these circumstances, NISSEI PLASTIC INDUSTRIAL developed a new micro molding machine, NEX30Ⅳ-1EN1. The new machine is equipped with the 2-stage type high-precision injection unit, which consists of a screw and plunger. It is extremely capable of molding micro molded parts, proposing another attractive choice for the medical and electronic industries. The NEX30Ⅳ-1EN1 machine with 30-ton (33USton) clamping force was added to their micro molding machine lineup to meet these increasing demands in the North American markets.

In Japan, NISSEI possesses 46% market share (2021 result) for the micro precision injection molding machines, which ranges from 1~19ton clamping force (1~21USton), according to the statistics among all Japanese brands. Their machines have been widely used in a variety of industries that produces micro precision parts, such as electronic parts and medical equipment.

1. Key Features of NEX30Ⅳ-1EN1:

(1) It is equipped with the injection unit that consists of a screw and plunger, materializing ultra-stable micro molding under 1.0g per shot. Its injection stroke is capable of processing material with improved controllability, even at small volume.

(2) It comes with the high-velocity and high-pressure injection specifications for processing high-load filling material for micro molded parts. Injection velocity: 600mm/s and injection pressure: 300MPa.

(3) The linear pressure toggle mechanism generates uniform contact pressure to the mold.

(4) It is equipped with the high-performance and high-functioning controller TACT Ⅳ:
   ① A vertical 15-inch LCD screen displays two windows top and bottom, significantly improving visibility and controllability. The flat control panel uses sheet switches.
   ② It comes with a variety of maintenance features and improved quality & production management features. Its improved monitor function offers traceability for the molded products.