May 3, 2022

Upcoming Courses with RJG Inc.

Fordham is proud to feature upcoming courses with RJG Inc. Either online or in-person, you can participate in incredibly effective training courses for Injection Molding across the globe. Sign up today!

Why Choose RJG Training?

RJG consultants transfer their knowledge as well as share their industry and consulting experience with our students. As a result, RJG training graduates are able to deliver substantial time and cost savings to their employers, whether it is through developing new products or managing existing projects.

Many employers also now use RJG's training program to fast-track mechanically inclined, motivated entry-level personnel into higher level technical positions, thus saving recruitment time and money.

What makes RJG training different?

In short: participant-centered learning. Research has shown that 80% of lecture-based learning is forgotten within 24 hours. Over the years, RJG has transformed their teaching techniques to overcome this obstacle and create the most effective training courses possible.